With the conclusion of the first visit to China by an Australian Prime Minister since 2016, the Albanese Government has successfully stabilised the bilateral relationship. But can this stability continue? What could derail it? Australia continues to grapple with tension between its economic relationship with China and its defence and strategic alliance with the United States. In recent months China has emerged from enforced isolation during Covid but economic recovery has been slower than predicted. Meanwhile, the United States has become more active diplomatically and militarily in the region. New groupings like AUKUS and the Quad will undoubtedly reshape the region. These are the conundrums that will determine our place in the world over the decades to come.

Yun Jiang spoke to international relations experts in China as part of a recent research trip. She will share her personal observations of the trip, which was supported by AIIA and China Matters, including how people in China see Australia, what has changed in China, and her thoughts on the future of the Australia-China relationship.


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