As the war in Ukraine approaches the eighteen-month mark and the Ukrainian counter-offensive has fallen well short of the expectation of major early successes, the continuing capacity of both sides to continue the conflict has been called into question. On the Ukrainian side this has been discussed principally in terms of the likelihood of continuing Western support. In contrast, when observers look at the Russian side, they focus on such things as the potential crippling effect of sanctions, the growth of popular opposition to the war, and divisions within the Russian elite, as well as perceived deficiencies in the Russian military and its supply.

This talk will focus on the situation inside Russia. It will survey the effect sanctions have had on the economy and on the population, and it will survey the political landscape in the wake of the crack down on opposition that has occurred associated with the war. The situation in the ruling elite will also be broached, including the meaning and fallout from the Wagner mutiny and the strength of the position of Vladimir Putin.


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