Peter Church (Chairman at AFG Venture Group)

Peter Church

Chairman at AFG Venture Group

Peter Church’s two prime roles are acting as Chairman of AFG Venture Group and as Special Counsel to the leading English law firm of Stephenson Harwood from his base in Singapore. He has also been appointed as a Professor at Curtin University in Perth, Great Lakes Institute of Management in Chennai and Sri Sharada Institute of Indian Management in Delhi. He enjoys speaking to students about entrepreneurship and leadership based on what he has learnt from writing his books about the life stories of business leaders and from his work in South-East Asia and India.
His passion for Asia has led to four books: A Short History of South-East Asia, which is in its 6th edition, Added Value – The Life Stories of South East Asian Business Leaders, Added Value – The Life Stories of Indian Business Leaders and his most recent book, Profiles in Enterprise – Inspiring Stories of Indian Business Leaders. For those who are interested, more details on Peter’s background can be found at